CVCT began with a Man named Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor coat and a Dream. And from that moment on those who graced our stage with their passion for acting, tech, costuming and set design continued that dream. We are still dreaming, telling stories and sharing the immense amount of talent that Iron County residents bring to the stage.  What we created is a family. Through open auditions and amazing volunteers we create gates into other worlds, such as that of a little orphan named Annie, a woman named Dolly, with the answer to anybody's problems, and a man-eating talking plant who convinces a lonely man named Seymore to "Feed Me Blood". We journeyed together to Oklahomain a pretty little surry with the fringe on the top.  The King and I transported our audience to Siam and watched as a school teacher changed the heart of the King.  We saw the beautiful Sarah Brown reform the biggest sinner in the city and even fall in love, in Guys and Dolls. Audiences laughed and sang along with our cast of The Wedding Singer and cried as Bill Sykes murdered Nancy when she tried to protect the orphan Oliver and then rejoiced when Oliver was finally reunited with family and found a home. The audience pushed up their sleeves with Millie in  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,  as she created something beautiful out of a family of 7 men who had lived without the loving nurture of a woman and sister. Then we were magically transported to the world, Of The Man in The Chair. He made us laugh and he made us cry, as he introduced the audience through his imagination to the zany and crazy characters of his favorite musical,The Drowsy Chaperone. Next audiences were transported by train to the little town in Iowa, called River City. Audiences cheered and laughed and even cried as the cast brilliantly finally found a home for the conman who became The Music Man. Next, we transformed the Theatre into the world of a small boy named James and his Giant Peach, where unlikely friends teach him and save him from the mean and ornery aunts he once was forced to live with. And now the talented cast of CVCT brings the audience to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, as they share the beautiful true story of Alice Murphy and all the characters that finally find each other by following their own Bright Star. No matter where our journey and imaginations take us, the family at CVCT will laugh with you,  cry with you and make you want to keep coming back for more. please continue with us on our journey and share in our dream.  There is always room here at CVCT for new people who share in our passion of bringing to life, if only for a couple of hours, another world, a place to escape to and a place to call home. 


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