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Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned! We had an incredibly strong turnout of actors, dancers, and singers. The cast list is below. If you were not cast this time, please come back and audition for future productions! We hope to work with you soon!

-Stephen Wagner & the BIG FISH Team



Jinger Axelson - Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Mandy Ballard – Dr. Bennett, Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Angus Bulloch – Sharecropper, Ensemble

Jacob Chipman – TV Narrator

Dillon Coburn – Red Fang, Puppeteer, Ensemble

Kristy DeGraaf – Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

TJ DeGraaf – Young Don Price, Scout, Ensemble

Ben Dowse – Edward

Mikelle Dowse – Jenny Hill, Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc), Understudy Sandra Bloom

Shad Dowse – Young Will, Scout, Ensemble

Shaylan Fingers –  Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Alyssa Flasch – Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc), Understudy Josephine

Jessika Grimshaw – Josephine Bloom

Silas Hagelberg – Zacky Price, Ensemble

Tristan Kaiser – Don Price, Ensemble, Understudy Amos Calloway

Jessica Loftus – Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Madison McBride - Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Kennedy McCuistion – THE Witch, Ensemble

Lex Moore – Little Lamb, Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc), Understudy The Witch

Collin Morris – Young Edward Bloom, Scout, Ensemble

Emily Morris – Little Lamb, Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Justin Olsen – Karl, Ensemble

Raelynn Peterson - Schoolteacher, Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Libby Perry - Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Rory Shakespear – Young Zacky Price, Scout, Ensemble

Asher Swan – General Patterson, Ensemble

Conner Thornton – Fisherman, Ensemble, Understudy Will Bloom

Charlie Tuttle – Hot-Blooded Shotgun Toter, Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Cassie Walker - Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc), Understudy Jenny Hill

Ying Wang - Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Tucker Weinmann – Amos Calloway, Ensemble, Understudy Edward Bloom

Derek Wood – Mayor, Juggler, Ensemble

Austin Wright – Will Bloom

Deva Younkin - Ensemble (Witch, USO, etc)

Shellee Younkin – Sandra Bloom

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