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Cinderella Cast List

Good evening, 


I want to begin by giving a special thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that came and auditioned for this production of Cinderella. The level of talent in this community never ceases to amaze me. I have sat behind the audition table for many CVCT productions through the years, and I can genuinely say that this was one of the largest and most vibrant groups of singers and dancers I have seen.  On behalf of the entire team, I want to thank each of you for your talents and your willingness to share them with your community. 


Please know that the production team and members of the CVCT board have spent many hours over the past three days discussing how this show would be cast. As part of the process, we returned again and again to the vocal ranges, harmony blends, choreography, scheduling, and chemistry between the performers to create this ensemble. As we have done on past productions, members of the creative team with connections to auditionees remove themselves from all discussions that are personal. I want to extend my gratitude to our CVCT board members that joined us during casting to share their impartial thoughts and observations. As the director of the show I had the final decision on all casting choices and I am beyond excited to see this fairytale come to life with the talents of this amazing group.


The cast list for our production of Cinderella is attached. Members of the cast please follow the link below to confirm your role in the production. A rehearsal schedule will be sent out within the next few days. Our first read through of the script will be on Monday, March 20th. - Rendall Seely, Director 


🍁 Confirm your role in CVCT's production of Cinderella.

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